Three crazy young ladies blogging their Gen Y-esque lifestyle tips, commentary on the world, wonderings on personal experiences and our general love of the city we live in, The ‘Berra.


Oracle Juice has decided to get up out of that lazy chair and get involved in the Post a Day Challenge for 2011. Hear that Oracle Juice?! EVERYDAY! At the very least we will be forced to move our fingers.


In the Beginning, there was a Band…

But interestingly this story doesn’t end with a hit single and rockstar lifestyle…as much as we would’ve liked it to.

Though we dreamed big and lived large, we had no real musical talent. We turned to the exciting glam world of magzines for inspiration and were taken by their charming personalities. Deciding that our futures lay more in the glossy realm, than the one of musical abandon, we began this wordsmith odyssey.

Join us as we traverse the galaxy of whimsy, be enamoured by our classy fashions and our almost complete radness.  Throw caution to the wind from the top of the mountain of chance as we gamble everything we don’t have on this one new, daringly fantastic adventure.

But who are we?

We are three people. Young, virtuous and classy. Or are we? Yes, yes we are. There is DANICA, a classy babe from Wagga town. Dan is sometimes called Blitzica and throws a wicked curve ball. CASEY is a Canberra lass who makes delicious tiny sandwiches. JANE brings the radness to the maxness and likes to invent new words.

Now, tell us all about YOU my wicked friend. Don’t be shy now, hit us up at Oracle.Juice@gmail.com and we will go bananas for your tasty word treats.

Soon, too soon for some, but soon nonetheless, we shall update and you can expect to learn about all sorts of crazy wackness that will enhance and modify your lifestyle.

Watch out for the Magic Fountain!

Jane, Casey & Danica.


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